Cranberry Park Assisted Living

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Cranberry Park, a local leader in assisted living care and on-site memory care, desired an online presence for their new facilities in mid-Michigan, as well as a lead generation site to increase site sales, while utilizing their current and future customer base.

Achieved #1 Local Position for 'Assisted Living Clio Michigan'


New Appealing Design on a Content Management Platform, while on a strict tight budget.

Reaching new customers in a tight niche market that is diluted by fierce competitors.


A three pronged program: Website Design and Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We started with a Quick Assessment and Internet Marketing Strategy and determined there were many highly profitable and less competitive long tail keyword terms, specifically focusing on the geo-location centric terms: aim for the local market, spread out to bigger regional markets.

Yo! Local is our team dedicated to local listings, local lead generation websites, and local markets. It's all about Local at Yo! Local.

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We’ve achieved a positive Click Through Rate (CTR) which generated a number of new sales. The site currently averages 10-20 leads per month in both email and phone, while modest in terms of volume, the leads are highly targeted, and geo-targeted, and the average sale of an assisted care living center is enormous as there is residual income for every resident. Cranberry has not invested anymore cost in this site since we launched it over 5 years ago! Therefore the ROI on this website is EXTREMELY HIGH!

We are very flexible at DynamoCX: you may invest up front land get an extreme site makeover with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to index the pages for your local market, and put it on cruise control until another update comes along, like Cranberry Park. As time goes by, we like to educate our customers about things such as the Google Mobile Update, but pretty much leave our clients alone so they can focus on their business unless they need us, basically you tell us how much or how little online advertising you need, we are here when you need us.

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