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Lord Fusor, a global automotive supplier of adhesives and industrial coatings, needed high quality digital video and photography services, as well as help with their Online Video presence, with the ultimate business goal of promoting new products, educating technicians in the field, and increase sales, converting online researchers into orders!

Achieved Click Through Rates from Videos to Leads, generating a number of new sales. Over 20 video productions, photo shoots, and marketing communications.
Close-ups in almost any situation.
Animation to help communicate high points
Product Photography to Catalog, to Video
Product Photography to Catalog, to Video


  • Ability for customers to visualize products being applied to surfaces in fine detail to clearly see features & benefits
  • Need for both Product Video and Product Photography
  • Need for distributors to learn about new promotions
  • Ability to describe step by step procedures in an easy format
  • Maintain a visual brand and identity throughout videos
  • Translation and formatting for different countries
  • A way to communicate and show technology innovations to global partners prior to going to market
  • Need for creating excitement and visually appealing communications for trade shows and product demonstrations
  • Needing an updated product catalog with high quality photography from the video shoots


We brought the house: a full video and photo production team via our creative services division: Our team worked on various video productions and photo shoots for Lord around the country, and some abroad with international audiences that required  language translation services. To overcome the challenges listed above and insure success, our producers made sure to storyboard the videos carefully and provide the client detailed project plans for the shoot as well as the final edits. Each shoot schedule accommodated a detailed agenda to include setup, client meet times, video scenes and photography shoot sessions. We also produced the videos to contain a certain amount of animation and motion graphics to help visually communicate product features, and some of the more technical aspects of the subject matter. We added in a steady mix of high quality voice over narration, music, high end DSLR camera shots, and steady cam equipment for dynamic shots in challenging industrial environments.

Meanwhile our marketing team consulted with different Lord Marketing Departments on each of the projects, working on their various YouTube channels for scale-able solutions that would increase traffic and convert video watchers into leads that would land on the Lord corporate website's divisional landing pages.


Various YouTube channels getting active views from targeted industry professionals, and click-thrus to Lord Fusor corporate brand landing pages, as well as phone calls to the toll free number promoted at the end of every video, converting video viewers into tangible leads. Promotions  geared for distributors traditionally consisted of printed sell sheets, now the Lord distribution channel has a way to tune in to new and older promotions, and click-thru or call the company for products.

Also Lord now has a high quality finished product catalog, tradeshow loops, re-usable animations and motion graphics, and a corporate video template for more to come.

Positive CTR

Decrease in CPA

Positive ROI

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