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Forum Health, is revolutionizing Health Care with a personalized, transformative, and results-driven - approach getting to the root cause. Utilizing the most advanced methods of evaluation and treatment, we’re your partner on your journey to a healthy, vibrant life

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20% Web Network Expansion Framework

% ROI is TBD


Forum Health needed a digital marketing, customer service and web architecture framework to handle not only their main brand site but a growing list of nationwide local healthcare practices.


DynamoCX was up to the challenge, having already built and continue to service nationwide networks and digital franchise systems.

Due to the long build out, we layered a parallel digital marketing campaign to sustain and build leads for ForumHealth while the main site was getting built out.


A magnificent brand overhaul with performance scores through the roof!

Our temporary PPC campaign not only generated leads, but also manifested top 10 search result rankings for location based landing pages.

Since this site just launched, we have MUCH more exciting news to come!

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